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Giza Girl

Joyrich x Giza sweatshirt, American Apparel shorts, thrifted bag, vintage silk scarf from Chicago Thrift Shimokitazawa, Giza necklace, Windsor Smith boots, rings vintage/from eBay/borrowed from Mum.

Do you ever have those clothing items that once you acquire them it's like... how did I ever go so long without one of these ?? For me this applies to a quality oversized sweatshirt. You're prob thinking, "why not just get an XXL from the men's section at K-Mart?" well thankfully I didn't need to after finding this perfect Joyrich x Giza sweat that I had been eyeing for long time. I like it so much I even ordered it in white as well. You know you really like something when you gotta have it in every colour.

Below is my new outfit vid featuring this look ^_^ Apologies if it feels a little Groundhog Day, I'm still figuring out ideal spaces around my home and neighbourhood for filming (so far my room still has some of the best lighting!) but hopefully I will be trying out some new backdrops soon!

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Vintage denim contrast stitching vest and skirt (the latter is customised) from eBay, vintage shirt from Etsy, rings from eBay / borrowed from mum, 
boots by Windsor Smith, vintage beret.

Literally the day after I saw this and this photo from Alexander Wang's Spring 2014 collection, I purchased a contrast stitching denim vest and skirt set I had been watching on eBay for about 4 months. I knew this late 90s/early 2000s trend would be making a comeback soon, although I can't say I'm seeing it everywhere yet. Probs should point out though that the skirt is not from the original vest set (whaaat ??!?). The set skirt was a fail - I bought a contrast stitching dress on eBay - had it altered into a skirt - voila! I had a full set that matched (almost) perfectly. It has been a work in progress for like... 6 months, I am not even kidding. Although it's taken me a while to debut it here on my blog. Plus it works great as separates too!

Can you believe this though, not just a photo post but a video too ??! I hope you enjoy my first outfit/look video below:

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4 Back to School Looks (Part II)

As requested, another round of Back to School Looks! Flat-lay is a pretty gruelling but fun process, and I tried to keep each look as the type of thing I used to wear to my university classes. Wearable, comfortable and school-appropriate. Things that are easy to wear for long periods of sitting down and catching public transport. I hope you enjoy and perhaps find some inspiration :-)

Look 1: PREPPY - Supre crop, thrifted pleated mini skirt, Merona cardigan, vintage coach backpack, Windsor Smith platform loafers, beret from eBay, K-Mart knee-high opaque tights, Adidas Originals watch.

This look is definitely inspired by Clueless vibes and that pared-back 90s minimal style, focusing on a simple colour palette. I'd even wear little black bike shorts under this mini skirt for extra freedom of movement. And no - I don't expect you to fit all your school supplies in a bag that tiny lol. I just could not effectively fit the intended bag in the frame for this look, but it would have been my Candy Sugar japanese school bag.

Look 2: SPORTY - Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals oversized t-shirt, American Apparel denim backpack (customised with studs and Katie keyring), Nike sneakers, YMCMB official snapback, Adidas Originals watch, bike shorts from eBay, socks from somewhere in Shibuya. 

This is actually my go-to travel, school, movies, running-erands, quick-and-easy look. The t-shirt is insanely soft and has a really flattering fit despite how big it is! This is such a suitable look for class, and the denim AA backpack is super sturdy and great for carrying a laptop and books.

Look 3: CUTE - Topshop polka-dot dress, Supre crop, pastel backpack from SPINNS, Nike AF1 sneakers, Adidas Originals watch, crescent moon choker from Etsy. 

A classmate of mine once told me I looked like an ice-skater when I wore this to school. The skirt of the minidress definitely has that vibe. Super-short and/or thin-strapped dresses are much easier to wear if you layer it over some bike shorts and a fitted t-shirt. And I can guarantee the comfort of this look as I wore it on the hike up to Diamond Head Summit in Honolulu.

Look 4: CASUAL - Custom crop sweatshirt, American Apparel denim shorts, Nike Sneakers, American Apparel thigh-high socks, Opening Ceremony tote, crisis heart necklace from eBay, Adidas Originals watch, Sportsgirl sunglasses (and my iPhone.)

Most days of uni classes I would wear a variation of this look (a different colour crop sweatshirt, a different colour of shorts, a different pair of Nikes…). It's also another go-to everyday casual look I wear in cooler months. In winter weather I add a long-sleeve crop underneath and a pair of tights. Sometimes I'd even swap the shorts for a mini kilt or tennis skirt. It's a laid-back look that doesn't look too laid-back (great sentence, I know.)

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Vintage cheongsam mini dress by XOXO, Windsor Smith loafers, rings from eBay/Diva. 

You'll never guess how I found this EXACT cheongsam… actually you might, idk. But I found the brand from this interview with Alicia Silverstone in Seventeen magazine, 1995. Zoomed in on dem clothing credits, bam - and actually found one on eBay ??? (but in red) it was clearly meant to be. I did have this altered a little though (as if it could have fit me this flawlessly) and it was well worth it.

I'll be doing another '4 back-to-school looks' post and filming a video soon! Hope you're all having a great week :-)

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Brandy Melville cropped turtleneck, American Apparel jeans, vintage belt, vintage Coach backpack, thrifted beret, Windsor Smith loafers, Giza necklace.

This is my anticipating autumn look… At this time of the year (especially after having recently shopped in another country's winter) I feel like I am so ready to crack out my new cooler-weather pieces yknow?? and I'm just like lookin at that weather app with Sydney reading 33 degrees celcius.

Had some exciting events the past couple of weeks, including my birthday and graduation! Thank you so much to everyone for sending me kind wishes :-) And I should definitely give my birthday dinner a mention. Basically every year I can choose a restaurant I'd like to visit, and this year (after wanting to go for literally 2 yrs) I finally went to Arras! Such an experience. One of the best parts was the petit fours, which were like a portable candy shop - you can spend as long as you like with the selection of tiny cakes and sweets and eat as much as you like (this is following 3 courses btw... I wish I was able to eat more of them!) Anyway I'll now leave you with my photos below as they will do it all much better justice than my descriptions. Hope you are all having a great February ( ´=ิ◞౪◟=ิ’)

(p.s. not sure if explaining the post title is necessary, but here's a clue: "What's with today, today?")

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Little Red

Vintage heart buckle dress from etsy, thrifted beret, vintage Coach backpack, silver rings from eBay, diamond rings borrowed from mum, Kmart knee socks, Windsor Smith platform loafers.

Ayy guess who finished university... ;-)
IT ME!!!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel... It's so great to be able to immerse myself in the holiday season and ~*~sUmMeR~*~. I've spent the duration of my freedom so far mostly working, finishing christmas shopping (plus a little too much me shopping) and other ❄festive❄ activities like tree decorating and gingerbread house building. Ahh I luv the holidays ♡ Hope you guys a doing great, talk to you soon ^.^

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Vintage cheerleading top from eBay, American Apparel tennis skirt, Nike AF1 sneakers.

Happy Halloween :-) This year I channelled Torance Shipman, Angela Hayes and Marley Shelton. We spent the evening at a Day of the Dead Hullabaloo, which consisted of lots of skull painted faces, mexican fighting masks, freakin good chimichangas and bubbling Death Punch. And we may have got all free drinks for the night cos our costumes were so good?? aw yea. Who did you guys go as for Hallow's Eve slash what did you get up to?

Also can I just say - WOAH... I hadn't realised how long it's been since I posted??? Over two months. Insane! I feel like I have a pretty decent excuse though, final year of uni, major projects, I'm developing my own clothing label yada yada yada... Just you wait, in a few weeks time when university is over forever, I'll be posting so much that you'll be sick of me! - (famous last words...) Talk to you soon :-)

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Vintage GAP skirt and vest set from eBay, Windsor Smith loafers, thrifted beret, Timeco digital clock necklace, Adidas Originals watch, vintage Coach backpack.

Sometimes when I'm writing the text part of a post, I feel like this (I'm Squidward, you guys are Spongebob). This kinda feels like one of those times. Updates I have would be that I've begun my last ever semester of university !!! \o/ !! so I'm now working on my final major project. If you haven't checked out my updated makeup tutorial on tumblr, click to see! Aaaand since I've been recieving a few questions about music lately, I posted a list of tracks and albums I've been listening to lately here on my tumblr. For those of you who've been asking when I'm posting another video, I'm aiming to have one filmed this month! Hope you guys are doing great, talk to you soon ♡

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Hawaiian shirt from Lowes, thrifted quilted pencil skirt from Kinji Harajuku, gold rings and chain necklace from eBay, "Eclipse" nail polish by Topshop.
Not pictured: Nadia clear PVC backpack and Jeffrey Campbell Litas (the latter borrowed from a friend)

Apple crumble cocktails / coconut frozen yoghurt + melted chocolate shot from Wowcow.

My Lindt advent calendar / our birthday gift to our friend: a giant box of asian treats.

Doing something kind of new for this post - using photos from my phone *GASP* no but seriously, it's hard when you have to race home from work, throw on your carefully planned party outfit and head straight out to the event without having time to photograph what you're wearing !! (with your good camera ofc). It was my friend Lucy's ✿tropical✿ themed birthday party on the weekend, which consisted of sipping the amazing apple crumble cocktails on a rooftop beneath fairy lights and palms. Afterwards a group of us grabbed some late night Wowcow froyo, which appropriately had coconut as one of the daily special flavours mmMmmmMmmm. Also I'm actually really loving my hawaiian shirt from Lowes??? I think I'm going to try and incorporate it more into my everyday wardrobe.

Are you guys getting excited since it's now officially ~december~ and you can get in that holiday spirit? We aren't putting up a tree since we're leaving for overseas on christmas day (I will talk more about this in my next post) but we will have one in our hotel room :') any of you have your tree up yet? have you named him/her? Or got up to any other seasonal decorating? If you have any photos I'd love to see them!

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