Vintage navy Sailor Shirt from local markets, Rittenhouse shorts, Derby Millinery suspenders, custom pleated skirt from Lawrara Shop, Demonia creepers.

Since I leave for Tokyo, Japan in a about one week, I imagine this will be my last outfit post until then. Coincidentally in fitting with this, I've sort of unintentionally created my own variation of the seifuku (制服) / sailor uniform with this amazing authentic sailor shirt I picked up for $10 at some local markets. I haven't had this much thrifting luck in a long time! I even checked out where the shirt originated, and as embroidered on the right-hand sleeve it's from the U.S.S. Caron (check this and this out). I have about a million things to get done before I jet off next week, so crunch time has officially begun!

I've also been working on my portfolio, be sure to check it out here: http://cargocollective.com/sofieb
It's been recently updated with a new project and more is to be added soon.

In case I don't see you on here until I'm in Japan, be sure to follow me on tumblr and twitter - especially twitter! I'll be flying by myself on the way to Tokyo before I meet up with my travel buddies, so I'll need some company on my journey over (^▽^*)


So... you like stuff?

1. An authentic vintage army jumper I found at local markets for $5 (will be using it for an upcoming photo shoot) 
2. My backstage pass for fashion week 
3. Super freakin adorable cat notepads from my lovely friend Audrey (because I like cats so much) 
4. (Who also got me the cat pouch a few months ago ofc) 
5. Some goodies from Miracle.

New outfit post coming soon!


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