Levis x Opening Ceremony

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Levis x Opening Ceremony jacket, Jeremy Scott tee, Ksubi shorts, AA tights, socks from Paddy's Markets, Cole Haan loafers.

Yay! A new outfit post : - ) now I'm on 6 weeks of holidays until the 2nd semester so I finally have more free time. I can't believe I've already finished half a year of university ;___; So this jacket is my favourite thing ever this winter, and it deserves more attention on this blog, and it's actually so warm. I can usually wear it with just a t-shirt underneath. And my frilly socks~ I was going to wait until I got my creepers to debut them but they're too perfect I just had to take them for a spin.




I'm addicted to them.


Korean Goodies

Except the EDO which is Japanese (~ ̄△ ̄)~ I've been looking for frilly socks to wear with my creepers I'll be ordering very soon (!!!) and I found these at Paddy's Markets. The snacks are all from Komart ♡ can't wait to try those blueberry ones.

Long Weekend

Yum cha at Marigold's ヽ(∩。∩゛ヽ)

Look I'm wearing my DIY collar a.k.a. collar I chopped off an old blouse! : ) I use safety pins to keep it in place. Also I finally got the Canon DSLR remote, it's so handy! I thought it only released the shutter, but it autofocuses before shooting too. Something I've noticed is that I must look directly into the lens or completely away from it, because if I look at the flip screen just to the right of the lens, I look dead (as above).

and my favourite Maurie & Eve pillow talk sweater and Rittenhouse shorts, both of which I wear too much.


Cute Stuff


Thanks to sis for most of these ♡






I wanted to do another outfit post on the weekend, but I managed to get myself sick again...




Just a quick collage I did in illustration class. The original colouring is probably obvious.


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