Trials are Over

(moody teenager/is too good for you face)

That's right! My trial exams finished today ^^ Now let's skip all that "I've been busy" chat and get straight to a post, which I've owed this blog for a long time. Here are some photos from my big sister's 20th birthday at Astral.

Pre-starter - some kind of soup that I cannot remember.

Starter - Smoked salmon. It was originally covered with a glass cloche, which was lifted by the waiter to release the smoke inside. It smelt good, and when I got home my clothes smelt smokey too.

Main - wild hare and mashed potato. This is the second time I've ever eaten something of the rabbit/hare kind. My mum tricked me into eating rabbit when I was about 12, thinking it was some other kind of meat (she wanted me to be adventurous).

And I'm kicking myself for forgetting to photograph the desert, which was probably the best of all. It was a large hollow chocolate tube sitting upright filled with passionfruit and chocolate mousse and had a glass cylinder placed over it. When the glass cylinder was lifted by the waiter, the champagne flavoured foam was released (which was sitting on top) and spilled over the sides. It was very pretty... But it look so good I ate it before taking a picture.

It feels great to be semi-free again (although trials are over, I still have a lot of other school work to finish), and looking forward to finally seeing Inception in IMAX this weekend. Has anyone seen it (and in IMAX?) Thoughts? To be honest I love seeing anything in IMAX.

Hope everyone has had a good week so far~ :)

P.S. has anyone heard this song, Forgive by Burial? I used it to calm myself down during exam study. Listen below:


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