Finding these shoes proved that things will turn up when you aren't looking for them.

I'd been staring at pictures of these boots on the online for a couple of weeks, thinking "I must track these down in my size in a store somewhere in Sydney! (because I'm too scared of buying shoes online in case they end up too small for my enormous feet!)". And then I came across them in Noosa, (which is in Queensland) in a shopping district that isn't exactly famous for selling Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. However, I found this one awesome boutique and voila!

By the way I had to get a size 41/42 or something ridiculously large like that, proving I have giant's feet. But the lady in the store said these shoesies run small - so be warned if you choose to buy online.

And the above photo is a demonstration of how I can't pose for photos.
I'm also wearing a gorgeous oversized top I found in a Korean clothing store in Chinatown on the weekend. The shop is actually amazing - especially as I am going through a Korean obsession right now. They have everything from jewellery to bags to sweaters to cute dresses to nail polish. Only thing is, everything is TINY so I had to go for all the 'oversized' style pieces, which would probably be dresses (rather than shirts, like they were on me) on petite Korean girls.
But - the label of this top is 'Harajuku' which is kind of contradictory (and it says it's made in Korea), but I still love it :)


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