I have waited faarrrr too long for this perfume! Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is of those things I've always wanted, and it's been floating around in my mind for the past couple of years, but now I finally have it. This was bestowed upon me by a handful of my friends as part of my birthday gift and I was sooooo excited to receive it. I did a research project on Viktor & Rolf for Design and Technology last year, and I did a whole study on Flowerbomb - so I pretty much have an encyclopedic knowledge of this perfume.

I'm one of those suckers that loves packaging. From age 13-15 I would usually buy perfumes based on how attractive the bottle was. Like hmm let's see *cough*CuriousbyBritneySpears*cough*

The multi-faceted surface of the bottle reflects the light at various angles but also makes it look like a HAND GRENADE. I was a bit slow to catch onto this.

And of course the V&R 'pull ring'. It would have been interesting if they could have designed the bottle so the tab was pulled like a pull-string toy, but instead of it making a noise it releases A FLORAL EXPLOSION from the nozzle.

My attempt at a Juergen Teller-esque photograph. Yes, I know he photographs for Marc Jacobs and not V&R...
but it's a little easier to achieve this:

Rather than this:


fake chanel + strawberry daiquiri

Photos from Saturday, 27th March 2010 - my belated birthday party.
I wore this dress (which I picked up in New York in January) and these boots - (Folded up to thigh-highs. I purchased them on Friday and I was itching to wear them, but it was a pretty warm night, and they are leather, so I almost had to take them off!).
Decided not to go with the orange lip, but instead a turquoise eye and nude lip. I hope the numerous photos of myself don't come across as conceited (I was limited as I can't show too much of other guests' faces without permission etc etc).

► EDIT: I had a few questions about the Chanel knockoffs, and I actually made them myself using tattoo paper for inkjet and laser printers :)

My dear mum got a miniature crockenbush from Adriano Zumbo as the 'cake'! It was goorrgeous.



I watch this video ten times a day now. It was released about 8 months ago but my friend just showed it to me, (because she knows I like Korean pop groups). And now I'm addicted! I love the costume, the low saturation, and how they bring out a few specific colours. The choreography is great too. But this video was actually considered to be very controversial when it came out, as it broke away from the cute, sweet and innocent look of B.E.G. (and about 90% of other K-Pop bands).

Thinking trying orange lips and dark eyes for my birthday party next Saturday.
Can someone with pale skin and very blonde hair pull off an orange lip?

And about the Lady Gaga photos + footage: I lost the cord that connects my phone to my laptop, so I'll be buying a new one soon and I can finally upload it all!


The most cliche thing you will see all day.

Champ was chased up a tree by a dog. We let him outside as usual, but this time he ventured a little further than our garden. The palm tree was about 10-15 metres high, but the trusty fire brigade came to his rescue. Curiosity hasn't killed this cat (yet).

EDIT: Wow I totally forgot to mention, I went to LADY GAGA last night at the Entertainment Centre, Syd. It was amazing, no surprises there. I'll be putting photos and footage in my next post.


from earth to the universe

From Earth to the Universe

These photos are from back in December when I visited the The 80s Are Back exhibition at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. My sister and I explored afterwards and found one called From Earth to the Universe. The photos looked incredible because they were displayed in a dimly lit room and glowed from behind.

Clearly I am hopeless at posing against flat objects...

I want to try and get a much larger version installed in my room - multicoloured nebula taking up an entire wall.

EDIT: Notice the Lady Gaga effect the light had on my hair in the 4th image?


Cherubs & Balloons


Another snap from NYE 2009 at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.
All I've been doing lately is uploading a bunch of lomography. I guess it's because I'm back doing photography at school so I've been
printing a heap of photos! You're probably scrolling down thinking, "geez, is this just a black & white photo blog or what?".

This is one of the best ever photos I've taken on my Holga... Because, as I'm sure any Lomoheads out there know, the success rate
for photos is only around 50% - if you're lucky. ;)

Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN.


Sweet Ride

Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN, 2007.

I love this car! My mum actually saw it on our street and suggested I take a photo of it. It's pale melon green with a dark green stripe. I still see it parked there sometimes.


Madonna Inn


Taken with a HOLGA 120 CFN on New Years Eve, 2009
Madonna Inn, S.L.O.



Photos of our new kitten - Champ!
He's 4 months old this March. We picked him up from a Cat Protection Society. He was abandoned and found on the streets,
but now he has a lovely new home with us.


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