Some old snaps from the past three years.


Video of the Week: Akihabara Majokko Princess

Starring Kirstin Dunst!

She starred in this cover of "Turning Japanese" as part of an exhibition, 'Pop Life', at the Tate Modern in London. The video is directed by McG and produced by japanese artist Takashi Murakami.
I am a big fan of both Dunst and Murakami so I'm ADDICTED to this video right now.

Oh, and in other news, we got a new kitten!! I'll have a photo intensive post about it pretty soon. x


Candy Sugar

I loovvee coming home to find a package has arrived, especially when it's brown paper tied up with string.

Because I am a Japanophile I ordered this Candy Sugar Japanese school/book bag from Lawrara.







I love the size - it fits several binders and notebooks plus my pencil case inside, even with room for my lunch. One thing I found particularly handy was the water bottle compartment lined with that silvery waterproof fabric (which I clearly do not know the name of) that you find on the inside of cooler bags. Can't wait to use it around school ^o^ It will be just like in the animes. I wonder if the Japanese exchange girls will notice?
All I need now is a legit sailor fuku to go with it. Might not wear that to school though.


Birthday Dinner

@Cafe Sydney

Making faces in mirrors ftw


Sculptures for Year of the Tiger~

And some BBC reporter asked me via flickr for permission to use the above two photos in a Chinese New Year article of theirs. Fancy that.

Food Diary

I miss Santa Barbara:

I miss San Luis Obispo:

I miss New York:

I miss Disneyland, Orlando FL:

I miss Los Angeles:

I'm suffering American food withdrawal.


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