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Clothing Inspiration

Dress by CUE → Cher's little dark red dress in Clueless Vintage denim vest from Chicago thrift store Harajuku → Seto Ayumi's oversized denim vest (or 'sleeveless jacket') W.I.A. nails print crop t-shirt → worn by Brooke Candy Vintage XOXO cheongsam dress → worn by Alicia Silverstone in Seventeen Magazine 1996 (in blue) Customised crop Von Dutch t-shirt → "Meet Me At Bebe, BB" editorial by DIS Magazine Hamburger print t-shirt by Get A Life → photo seen on my Tumblr feed Vintage Levi's jacket → Manitas' oversized acid wash jacket American Apparel crop top → Mathilda's stripe crop t-shirt in Leon, The Professional Black Friday button-up corduroy skirt → Cher's button-up mini skirt in Clueless

Fairly recently I posted this on my tumblr and asked you guys to give me feedback on the kind of content you'd like to see here on my blog. I feel like juggling both video editing and photo editing for my YouTube channel and blogspot respectively is pretty damn tricky in terms of time management, but I still enjoy them both so much so I wouldn't want to neglect either one. So by expanding the types of things I post here (as opposed to pretty much only outfit posts which take a lot longer to create) I feel I can keep my blog updated more frequently. yayyyyy.

Getting onto the actual topic of this post - one of the feedback suggestions I received was sharing the inspiration behind my style and clothing. So I have created a sort of 'inspiration breakdown' by selecting a few pieces from my wardrobe that have some kind of memorable inspiration behind them and basically explaining why I hunted them down slash bought them e.g. because it contributed to a character look I was going for (and lbh* 93% of my style is dressing like fictional people).

How do you guys find your inspiration for your style and/or clothing choices?
And if you have any further post requests or suggestions I'd love to hear those too :-)

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*fyi this isn't a typo of 'tbh' - 'lbh' stands for 'let's be honest' 


Easy Soft Waves Tutorial

One of my most requested videos - my hair routine / tutorial for soft, curly waves! This is pretty much the only way I style my hair these days because it really is so easy. In fact there's barely any effort in the creating the actual waves as you shall see in the video. And yes, I call them curly waves because sometimes they sit like curls when they're more unified, but look like waves brushed out. It's kind of like a 2-in-1 hairstyle? Anyway hope you guys enjoy and find it helpful! Please be sure to hit the 'Like' button or comment below if you'd like to see more tutorial videos like these. Plus you can stay informed on my 1k subscriber giveaway coming up soon :-)

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Acne Studios 'Beta' sweatshirt • American Apparel tennis skirt • Vagabond Dioon loafers • Aquvii airplane necklace • thrifted beret
vintage Coach backpack • rings from eBay, borrowed from Mum etc.

Long time no outfit post right?? Although I feel like deep down some part of me will always be hesitant about using the word "outfit" ever since my past university tutor told me she found the word ridiculous. But it's not like I'm going to start calling them ~look posts~ anytime soon. Definitely not OOTDs either... nope.

So basically I'm getting all of my winter and all-black looks out of my system since apparently it's already Spring here (not to say I won't be wearing all-black in warmer months too). I am so not ready, I still have so many winter things I need to get more wear out of !!! I've been taking advantage of every cold day during this transitional period. What do you guys do when you're in a race against the seasons?

Check out my video of this look below. Be sure to subscribe as I'll be hosting a special 1000 subscriber giveaway (and also my first giveaway ever) really soon! Details TBA, but I can say that there will be two winners :-)

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10 Shopping Tips

My newest video is my ultimate Top 10 Shopping Tips that I live by when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories both IRL and online.
A summary of my tips are below. Be sure to check out the video for the full details :-)

1 - Before purchasing a clothing item for everyday wear, visualise THREE outfits you would wear that incorporate this new item.
2 - Know your body measurements and clothing measurements.
2B - Carry a tape measure with you.
3 - Buy it knowing that you will wear it soon.
4 - If you have a clothing piece you're hesitant to wear, wear it immediately!
5 - When you're out shopping, wear your best-fitting nude underwear.
6 - If you're considering an expensive designer piece, know if it will be easy to resell.
7 - Check the fabric content before buying an item of clothing.
8 - If you like a 2nd opinion, shop with a knowledgeable and honest friend.
9 - When it comes to online shopping, do as much research on sizing as possible.
10 - If you find something inexpensive that you love, buy another.

If you already use any of these tips, try out any for yourself, or have additional tips of your own I would love to hear about it!

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