10 Shopping Tips

My newest video is my ultimate Top 10 Shopping Tips that I live by when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories both IRL and online.
A summary of my tips are below. Be sure to check out the video for the full details :-)

1 - Before purchasing a clothing item for everyday wear, visualise THREE outfits you would wear that incorporate this new item.
2 - Know your body measurements and clothing measurements.
2B - Carry a tape measure with you.
3 - Buy it knowing that you will wear it soon.
4 - If you have a clothing piece you're hesitant to wear, wear it immediately!
5 - When you're out shopping, wear your best-fitting nude underwear.
6 - If you're considering an expensive designer piece, know if it will be easy to resell.
7 - Check the fabric content before buying an item of clothing.
8 - If you like a 2nd opinion, shop with a knowledgeable and honest friend.
9 - When it comes to online shopping, do as much research on sizing as possible.
10 - If you find something inexpensive that you love, buy another.

If you already use any of these tips, try out any for yourself, or have additional tips of your own I would love to hear about it!

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Giza Girl

Joyrich x Giza sweatshirt, American Apparel shorts, thrifted bag, vintage silk scarf from Chicago Thrift Shimokitazawa, Giza necklace, Windsor Smith boots, rings vintage/from eBay/borrowed from Mum.

Do you ever have those clothing items that once you acquire them it's like... how did I ever go so long without one of these ?? For me this applies to a quality oversized sweatshirt. You're prob thinking, "why not just get an XXL from the men's section at K-Mart?" well thankfully I didn't need to after finding this perfect Joyrich x Giza sweat that I had been eyeing for long time. I like it so much I even ordered it in white as well. You know you really like something when you gotta have it in every colour.

Below is my new outfit vid featuring this look ^_^ Apologies if it feels a little Groundhog Day, I'm still figuring out ideal spaces around my home and neighbourhood for filming (so far my room still has some of the best lighting!) but hopefully I will be trying out some new backdrops soon!

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Tokyo 2014 Highlights

San Francisco Peaks, Harajuku.

Disneyland, Maihama.

Alice in Fantasy Book Restaurant, Shinjuku.

7/11 and Tokyu Store haul.

Cafe Hammock Tribe, Shimokitazawa.

Mister Donut

Freshness Burger, Koenji.
Urth Cafe, Daikanyama.

High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton, Roppongi Hills.

Nadia, Harajuku / Nasir Mazhar display at GR8, La Foret.

Garter, Koenji.

The Ritz-Carlton, Roppongi Hills.

Trump Room, Shibuya.


Flying home.
Whenever I return from a trip, I find the first thing my friends and family ask to see photos of is the food. Which makes total sense... In fact I'm pretty sure I do the same. And the food was probably one of the best parts (if not THE best part) of my trip this time around, hence the overload of food pics above! And outfits of course, cos I got a lot of questions about the type of thing I wore in Tokyo (although 3 of the photos are of the same outfit cos they were all taken on the same day Lol). You can check out A LOT more of what I got up to in my recent trip to Tokyo in my vlogs of course, all 3 parts are linked below. Hope you enjoy!

TOKYO VLOGS : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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Vintage denim contrast stitching vest and skirt (the latter is customised) from eBay, vintage shirt from Etsy, rings from eBay / borrowed from mum, 
boots by Windsor Smith, vintage beret.

Literally the day after I saw this and this photo from Alexander Wang's Spring 2014 collection, I purchased a contrast stitching denim vest and skirt set I had been watching on eBay for about 4 months. I knew this late 90s/early 2000s trend would be making a comeback soon, although I can't say I'm seeing it everywhere yet. Probs should point out though that the skirt is not from the original vest set (whaaat ??!?). The set skirt was a fail - I bought a contrast stitching dress on eBay - had it altered into a skirt - voila! I had a full set that matched (almost) perfectly. It has been a work in progress for like... 6 months, I am not even kidding. Although it's taken me a while to debut it here on my blog. Plus it works great as separates too!

Can you believe this though, not just a photo post but a video too ??! I hope you enjoy my first outfit/look video below:

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Tokyo Shopping Bits

Gifts from Brandon - Vogue Nippon March 2002, Fashion News May 2000, FRUiTS magazine, Koenji Kidz sticker and buttons.

Stickers from a store in Nakano Broadway.

Socks from Bubbles, Harajuku.

Solid face masks and Hello Kitty face masks from Daiso (these things are so handy).

Yurie Sekiya stickers from WALL, La Foret.

As much as I wanted to do a full-on Tokyo haul for you guys, I really just didn't buy enough this time around! I bought mostly little bits and pieces, a few clothing items, accessories and gifts for friends and family. Above are just a few of the little things I picked up for myself that are still sitting in a corner of my room, not yet stored away. If you follow me on tumblr or twitter or pretty much anywhere I'm sure you know how much I love 90s/00s catalogue & magazine scans, as well as how much inspiration I get from early 2000s fashion, hence the perfectly appropriate nearly-vintage magazines from Brandon (thanks again if you're reading this!). And how gorgeous are those Yurie Sekiya stickers?! I was super sad I missed out on her exhibition, but those stickers are the cutest ever so I had to buy one of each set. They're glittery and slightly 3D too *heart eyes emoji*

All 3 parts of my Tokyo vlog are now live on my YouTube channel! But I just remembered I have a ton of photos as well, so perhaps a Tokyo photo post will be coming up next? And an outfit post for SURE. It's been wayyy too long, cos editing those vlogs has been so fun but super time consuming. As usual I hope you guys are doing great and I'll talk to you soon :-)

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